Freshly Pressed Novello



  • Bottle 0,50 lt
  • Bottle 1 lt
  • Can 2 lt
  • Can 3 lt
  • Can 5 lt


An olive oil with the intense, fresh scent of freshly picked olives which is available exclusively during the olive harvest period, i.e. from mid-October to December, our freshly-pressed Novello (New) Extra Virgin olive oil has a very high content of polyphenols, which enhances its tangy, spicy characteristics and its intense aroma of freshly picked olives. A unique product, it is dense and full-bodied with an intense green colour. The slight sedimentation that inevitably forms on the bottom of the bottle is synonymous with the genuineness of the product. The olives are cold pressed within 12 hours of the olive harvest using our state-of-the-art Alfalaval X4 continuous cycle machines.

PAIRINGS: To fully enjoy its characteristics, our Novello should be served raw as a condiment on bruschetta, boiled potatoes and soups.

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